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Make Them Pay in 2018!

Posted Dec 21 2017 at 5:03 PM
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Make Them Pay in 2018!

In December 2017, members of the U.S. House and Senate voted for a tax bill that repealed the individual responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act, gutted Medicaid and Medicare, and raised taxes on the middle-class to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations.

Trump and the GOP's tax bill was not about reforming the tax code or creating jobs – its was about engineering a massive redistribution of wealth from low- and moderate-income families to wealthy individuals, Wall Street CEOS and corporations.  Furthermore, the GOP now wants to starve the budget in order to strip funding for entitlement programs such as Social Security in 2018.  

ADA pledges to remind the public of the votes their Senators and Representatives cast on the massive corporate tax giveaway.  We will Make Them Pay for the devastating consequences of the GOP tax scam.  Sign up HERE to be part of the Make Them Pay movement.  Thank you!

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